Ajman Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Zayed Housing Program

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program to support and develop mutual cooperation and exchange of expertise and information with each other in the field of housing, to give the opportunity for access to the applicable laws and regulations of each party and best practices in building and construction of housing, to coordinate between two parties in the field of electronic connectivity, and to achieve the vision of wise leadership in Ajman and its rational directives for closer engagement among all common authorities and departments to serve and achieve the public interest and contribute to provision of high-quality and distinctive services to their customers.

The agreement was signed by HE Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, on behalf of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman and Eng. Jameela Mohammed Al Fandi Al Shamsi on behalf of the Zayed Housing Program in the presence of a number of officials of both parties.

HE Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi stressed that the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman is keen to strengthen the bonds of joint cooperation and promote the constructive work bridges with all the authorities under the direct guidance of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Head of the Department, due to his constant efforts to deepen the coordination aspects that serve the interest of everyone and benefit all individuals of the society, pointing out that the cooperation between the two parties will have a positive impact and result in achieving the goals that the parties aspire to.

"The MoU with Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman comes within the framework of our efforts to achieve the leadership’s directives on bringing happiness to customers, providing innovative and distinctive government services and achieving strategic objectives for both parties," HE Eng. Jameela Mohammed Al Fandi, Director General of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, said. Ms Al Fandi pointed out that the MOU will contribute to developing and promoting the joint cooperation and exchange of information and expertise between the Program and Department in the field of housing, especially in the both fields of information exchange and electronic connectivity.

She pointed out that under the memorandum, the program will provide the department with a set of engineering designs for the residential units owned by the program to guide the customers of the Department towards designing their homes, in addition to exchanging knowledge and building a joint database for customers to accelerate decision making on cases that the parties are studying. Ms Al-Fandi added that the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman is an important and vital partner for the program through continuous and permanent coordination between the two parties. The Department's cooperation with the program represents one of the important models in enhancing partnership, coordination and cooperation among the various government authorities to serve the interests of citizens of the state.

In accordance with the permanent partnership between the two parties, the Department grants the right to draw guidance from the designs of the buildings owned by the second party and to give the designs to the citizens to draw guidance from it towards designing their villas, in addition to exchanging experiences and standard comparisons in the field of technical work between the Buildings Department in the Municipality and Planning Department and the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program and sharing data and information on projects funded by the Sheikh Zayed program in the emirate and matters related to those projects and the efficiency of contractors and consultants.

The MOU included an agreement on the joint cooperation to carry out the electronic connectivity with each other through the Fednet in order to build a shared database of their common customers to enable them to obtain all customer data for access to clear and accurate information about each customer, which helps each party to make a quick decision on the case being studied, as well as alignment of the map of the comprehensive urban plan between the Municipality and Planning Department and the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program and sharing experiences in matters of common importance such as studies, social researches, etc, and  participation, coordination and cooperation in activities, events and community initiatives that both parties launch.

The parties agreed to appoint a partnership coordinator for each party to facilitate communication between two parties and simplify the coordination, provided that both parties comply with ensuring confidentiality of the information and non-disclosure of any items of this memorandum or any action plans to third parties except after obtaining written consent from the other party. This shall be effective throughout the term of the agreement or after expiration or termination for any reason.


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