activation of the fee collection service of the public hygiene services through the payment receipt of the commercial lease contract fees

The Municipality and Planning Department announced the activation of the fee collection service of the public hygiene services through the payment receipt of the commercial lease contract fees as of January 1, 2018 to facilitate the procedures for the customer and to spare them the inconvenience of communicating with the hygiene companies as the Department will directly contract with the specialized companies and will supervise the hygiene work on a daily basis.


The Department added that it is continuously seeking, under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, to satisfy the customers by launching all services that save them time and efforts, including the hygiene fees collection service via the Tasdeek system. As the service will be flexible and facilitated as it will allow the customer to enjoy the service via the Tasdeek electronic system, which is easily used.


The Department said that the privatization of the hygiene work project showed its significant success after its implementation in several areas in the emirate, therefore, the Department will expand its scope to include all areas of the emirate and neighboring areas, including Masfout and Manama to ensure that the customer receives high quality services in a timely manner.



Privatization Contract

 The Department concluded a privatization contract of 3 environmental services in 9 areas in the emirate in achieving the Ajman Vision 2021, which aims to create green economy to advance the progress of sustainable development to maintain natural resources by using latest eco-friendly technologies, which will benefit all individuals and contribute to preserving their health and public safety.


His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, said the Department considered choosing 3 important services for the companies, to provide environmental services in the waste management, infrastructure services and public health pesticides control services. That the Decision shall be effective as of January 1, 2018 according to the concluded contract.


His Excellency stressed that the services that will be provided by the companies will include residential units and commercial and professional facilities to collect and transfer agricultural waste resulted from the forces of nature, in addition to implementing the hygiene work for squares, roads, streets, crossroads, signboards and light posts.


His Excellency added that the Department seeks to maintain a sustainable environment and a modern structure for the future of Ajman by maintaining a healthy and clean environment in Ajman, in addition to preserving the aesthetic appearance of the emirate through proper management of waste and all its related process, investing the initiatives and activities supporting the advancement of the emirate towards waste recycling and using its products.


His Excellency said that the Department assigned the companies to provide the services of transferring and collecting waste, handling the recyclable materials, managing the cleaning operations in the selected sectors, providing technical services to control public health pesticides and effectively managing the containers, vehicles and machinery with smart systems that help creating periodic indicative reports to qualify them to reach their objectives. In addition to the spreading an environmental culture and promote it in the emirate’s society, which will help raising the percentages related to the recyclable materials.


For his part, Eng. Khalid Moein Al Hosni, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector of the Department, said that the companies are committed to assign vehicles and containers for all kinds of waste and using the latest mechanical means to collect and transfer waste, in addition to cleaning and main and side streets, beaches and public parking spaces and washing the Corniche, the marina and the public bus stops pavements as well as cleaning decorative light posts, indicative signs and the barriers of the traffic islands in addition to controlling public health pesticides and other environmental activities.


Al Hosni added that the role of the company will not be limited to public health services and waste management, but it will work on controlling public health pesticides by using the latest global methods applied in this field. Pointing out that the emirate serves as a model and a beacon for those searching for the cities that combine urban development, maintaining environmental assets, public hygiene and fighting all pollutants resulting from advanced industrial life. Therefore, we seek to engage the private factor, which will carry out the environmental work that will reflect a positive image of the emirate.



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