a memorandum with Ministry of Infrastructure Development

In the presence of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Head of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department and His Excellency Eng. Eng. Abdullah Balheif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development signs a memorandum of understanding with the Municipality and Planning Department aiming at consolidating the mutual cooperation between the two parties and to strengthen the strategic partnership links in order to serve the constructive work and achieve the required integration to promote mutual work to achieve the vision of the country’s wise leadership and its rational directives to work on closer interaction between all federal and governmental departments.

The agreement was signed by secretary of the Ministry, Eng. Hassan Mohammed Jumaa Al Mansouri; on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, on behalf of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department. Signing of the agreement was attended by a number of officials from both sides.

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Head of Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, said that the department is proud of its strong relationship with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and is constantly seeking to enhance mutual cooperation and achieve fruitful strategic partnership through setting the main joint frameworks for finding current and future cooperation in various fields and to benefit from the cumulative experience exchanged by each of the parties and exchange of studies and research aimed at improving the institutional work to build a partnership relationship between the two parties to achieve the common strategic objectives and develop the services of the clients and coordinate the areas of joint work in order to improve the performance of operations and the streamlining of procedures and coordination between the two parties in the framework of joint functional and practical cooperation for the development of technical and administrative capacities of the staff and employees in the two parties.


He explained that the department that unctionunder the umbrella of the Ajman government is moving according to the desired strategy to deepen relations with all federal agencies and departments in the interests of all members of society in a way that return the great benefit to all, noting that we seek today and through this memorandum to unify the joint efforts between the two parties to serve the public of all categories, taking advantage of the capabilities available to each of them, namely, human cadres, technical resources and cumulative practical experience, of which has a positive effect on the final output of the level of service provided by the parties.

For his part, Eng. Abdullah Balheif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, said that this joint step comes as an output of the parties' keenness to lay the foundations of their joint strategic cooperation and the ministry keenness to provide all its capabilities to serve its strategic partners.

He stressed the importance of the role of such joint agreements signed by the ministry with various parties in achieving the aspirations of beneficiaries of the projects supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, as the executive arm of the federal government, as well as contributing to taking into account the projects implemented by the ministry with the requirements of beneficiaries and circumstances of local environment.


The Minister of Infrastructure Development stated that the ministry is proud to deepen cooperation with all government departments all over the UAE, as it seeks to advance the development and prosperity of our country in all fields. The memorandum is an official document that sets out aspects and areas of joint work. And we will endeavor to continue the path of mutual coordination.


The memorandum, which will last for one full year from the date of signing and will renew automatically for a similar period, seeks the same terms and conditions set forth between the two parties to enhance the complementarity between the department and the federal authorities in the UAE, supporting the quality policies and excellence systems adopted by the Government of Ajman and aimed at the public interest of the Emirate and the desire of both parties to support and strengthen the existing cooperation between them, and in order to unify the joint efforts between the two parties to serve the public.


The memorandum includes the agreement of the first party represented by the ministry to implement, manage and maintain the infrastructure projects in Ajman and executed by it through coordination with the second party. The Ministry is also committed to coordinating with the Department in regard to the necessary tests for construction materials, soil and construction in the various federal projects of bridges, buildings, etc.  In order to ensure conformity of adopted local and international standards to achieve the highest quality and also the first party should coordinate with the second party with regard to the submission and taking the necessary approvals for the adoption of architectural plans for the development of housing projects and Federal facility and utilities.



The memorandum includes in its terms that the ministry should coordinate with the department regarding non-objection certificates for parties and companies that carry out works on the federal roads and sites, which require refereeing to the second party in addition to building capacities and national cadres of the second party in the preparation of sustainable development policies and implementation of urban development and infrastructure projects. In addition to cooperation with the Department in accelerating the implementation of joint projects and streamlining procedures and establishing mechanisms to measure the performance of these projects and provides services for sustainable development in the Emirate.


The two sides agreed on the commitment of the Department and in accordance with the terms of the memorandum of understanding to carry out the tasks assigned to it, the most important of which is cooperation with the Ministry in relation to the development of irrigation lines projects, in addition to coordination for the exchange of experience in the field of implementation of sustainability standards and green buildings in joint projects between the two sides as well as joint cooperation in the design, implementation and maintenance of road networks; in addition to work in coordination with the Ministry in the field of standardization of technical specifications for electrical and mechanical works.


The two sides agreed that each party will appoint a partnership coordinator to facilitate communication between the two sides and to simplify the knowledge and practical coordination to follow-up the implementation of the provisions of the memorandum. The ministry and the department formed a joint committee; of which each party will nominate its representatives within two weeks from the signing of this memorandum. The Committee shall undertake the tasks of following up the implementation of the provisions of the Memorandum and submitting any proposals related thereto, in addition to setting the necessary plans and programs to carry out the tasks entrusted to each Party in accordance with the provisions of this Memorandum and specifying the necessary requirements and means of providing them. The provisions of this Convention shall be accompanied by appropriate recommendations.



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