70 World Experts at the International Environment Conference

The Municipality and Planning Department-Ajman confirmed the participation of 70 world experts and lecturers, who are specialists in environmental and climate sciences, in the sessions and events of the Ajman 5th International Environment Conference, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al-Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Ajman «May Allah Protect Him». The list of key speakers at the conference includes, out of 205 participants in the annual environment conference, 7 experts, international scholars, university professors, and officials representing international environmental institutions, who are specialists in different environmental fields.

The conference will be held on the 6th and 7th of next March, under the title “Climate Change and Sustainability”, at the Sheikh Zayed Centre for Conferences and Exhibitions of Ajman University. 


To that, Engineer Khaled Moein Al-Hosni, the Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector, Chairman of the Organizing Committee said: The conference focuses its attention on climate challenges, with the attention of relevant UAE government institutions and departments to this vital and sensitive environmental profile and their completion of climate change action plans. Some are currently working on other plans, which collectively provide a "road map" to fulfill their obligations towards “Paris Agreement”, stressing that the Ajman Municipality is looking forward, as a result of organizing the conference, to strongly place Ajman on the map of international forums, and promote the vision of “Ajman 2021”.


He pointed out sustainability is no longer an option, but a public policy and a way of life, while the UAE Government launched many initiatives to adapt to climate changes and reduce the “carbon footprint”, using the governmental accelerators and AI as well as research and development to implement innovative practices and technology, achieving the UAE Vision 2021.


Sessions of the International Environment Conference include 205 scientific papers submitted by the participating scholars from 49 countries around the world. The conference revolves around main issues and outlines, consistent with the outputs of “Paris Climate Change Conference”, which are the mechanisms for adaptation to climate change, climate change, sustainable cities, biological diversity and climate change, best international and local practices, and sustainability and innovation.



The fifth edition of the Ajman International Environment Conference highlights many issues, including the United Nations goals for sustainable development, disaster risk reduction, health impacts of climate change, carbon footprint, smart cities, green infrastructure, climate change and green products, adaptation to climate change and limiting its impacts, renewable energy and efficiency, sustainable management of water and sewerage, linking biological diversity with climate change, threats to ecological communities, change of climate and natural environment, ecosystem restoration, adaptive management approach, best practices, environmental health, green information technology, sustainable agriculture, cleaning technologies, and planned legislations.


Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee of the Conference also explained the most prominent of those interested in attending the global scientific environmental event are professionals from governmental and non-governmental organizations, federal and local environmental institutions, academic and research communities, organizations working in the energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation sector, and the private sector, especially the consulting and contractual companies.


Al-Hosni added the conference presents the participants and attendees with the opportunity to meet up with the most prominent experts,  governmental bodies, business sector, academic communities, in the UAE, to examine issues of mutual concern, including the application and practices of renewable energy, technologies for the processing and management of water and sewerage, management of marginal lands, green buildings, sustainable management for land usage, management of public health, sustainable transportation, and environmental policies and regulations.


For his part, Yousuf Al Raeesi, the Director of Government Relations at Al-Futtaim Group, praised the Ajman International Environment Conference and its role in enhancing the environmental sector in the UAE, the region and the world as well as supporting the efforts of protecting the environment in the UAE through scientific research and discreet studies, pointing to the huge efforts exerted by the Ajman Municipality to organize the conference annually, work for its success, and achieve its objectives.



RE: 70 World Experts at the International Environment Conference

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