47% Increase in the Percentage of Concluded Contracts

Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman announced that there’s an increase in the percentage of contracts completed in the Contracts and Procurement Administration for the first half of this year (2017). The increase percentage was 47% and 17% in purchase orders issued to suppliers, which reflects the interest of the senior leadership in infrastructure projects, supply contracts, and various businesses and purchase orders.

Mr. Hamdan Mohammed Al Ali, Acting Director of Contracts and Procurement Administration at the Department, confirmed that the cadres working in the Administration, who have expertise and high skills, have intensified their efforts and committed to completing the various contracts and purchase orders within the specified time frame and the available financial cost and in accordance with the highest quality standards to ensure the satisfaction of internal and external customers of the Department. He emphasized that the number of contracts concluded during the first half of this year was 36 contracts while the number of contracts concluded during the first half of last year was 19 contracts and the number of purchase orders issued for this year was 459 orders while in last year was 381 purchase orders.

Al-Ali explained that the Contracts and Procurement Administration has worked since its establishment as an active member in launching and awarding projects, maintenance, and operating programs as well as procurement. In addition to this, it helped to qualify and empower employees as they are the first resource that drives the progress and prosperity process. He added that the Department is in line with the Department’s mission that aims at developing the infrastructure of the Emirate of Ajman in accordance with an integrated system that takes into account the requirements of the environment, health and public safety to achieve prosperity through the ideal investment of resources. This is comes in line with the vision of Ajman Government 2021. The Department also seeks to automate operations according to the strategic objectives of the Department and its vision aiming at creating a sustainable environment and a modern structure to build Ajman's future.

Al-Ali said that the Administration includes three main divisions: Procurement Division, Tender and Auctions Division and the Warehouses Division. The divisions operate under the umbrella of the Administration and strive to achieve its objectives to ensure excellence and sustainability of operations through active and efficient planning and management of human resources. He pointed out that each division of the Administration is responsible for carrying out specific tasks according to its competencies to provide key services to customers. The Procurement Division provides excellent services that meet the needs of suppliers, reviews their feedback and escalates it to the direct manager to increase supplier satisfaction. The Division also aims at ensuring the continuity of the provision of basic and raw materials at the lowest prices taking into account the product quality and its source in record time, as well as providing other important services.

Al-Ali added that the Tenders and Auctions Division prioritize customers. The Division provides a number of key services to customers, including the payment of amounts due to customers and the announcement of a tender or a bidding, clarification of purchase orders, tenders and auctions, notifying customer of receiving tenders, extending their date, postponing or cancelling them and completing customer transactions. He indicated that the Warehouse Division offers a number of key services, including receiving and delivering warehouse materials, transfer and delivery of materials, provision of data and reports on the stored stock, and maintenance of public safety and the safety of workers.

He stressed that the Contracts and Procurement Division spares no effort to participate in all important events and initiatives on various occasions, noting that the Department launched the “World Earth Day” initiative and distributed 100 seedlings to employees to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the planet to create a healthy environment suitable for safe living. The Division also launched “Lips Waiting for a Smile” initiative to provide Eid clothes for orphans in line with the initiatives of the Department for the “Year of Goodness”.




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