Municipality & Planning Dept. Workshop on Leadership

In collaboration with Career Training & Development Department, Customer Happiness Sector at Municipality & Planning Department in Ajman has held a training workshop entitled “Leaders of the Future”, which targeted students of both genders participating in the Summer Program Ajyal in order to spread theoretical and practical knowledge to raise awareness of leadership concepts and qualify the employees of the future to obtain the basic skills of highly-effective leadership. Furthermore, the workshop has held a meeting with His Excellency Abdulrahman Muhammad Al Nuaimi, General Director of the Municipality, to familiarize the students with his practical experience and guide them through to be the leader of the near future.

 His Excellency Abdulrahman Muhammad Al Nuaimi, General Director of the Municipality has stressed that UAE is proud of its wise government and proactive leadership. He said “the greats who made our nation of the happiest nations in the world  are a good example of the right leadership and its principles.” He also added “their guidance, smart ideas, and clear visions are the core of this success.” Moreover, he pointed out that the leader motivates others to be constantly innovative, creative, and productive, and to think outside of the box to impress everyone by the mind-blowing outcomes. Thus, the leader ought to be the good example and the spark for change. 

 His Excellency has explained that the successful leader grabs everyone’s attention and is distinguished by a face with a bright smile. “The leader provides assistance, focuses on building up the individual, and develops his skills, nurturing the talents of those he meets because he believes that in everyone lie unlimited capacities and distinctive qualities,” he added. His Excellency also stated that although the right leader faces many challenges and has many responsibilities, he is capable of overcoming obstacles and utilizing them to be lesson learned. All efforts are aimed at providing a perfect working ambience to enhance work quality and improve individual/teamwork performance.

 His Excellency offered some advice to Ajyal students about the successful path of life, distinguishing the utilization of knowledge and exposure to theoretical and practical experiences. These experiences are the qualifying tool for these students, as they will hone their skills and grant them the professional experiences necessary in their careers. Furthermore, learning these experiences will widen the scope of knowledge and help students setting a clear vision for the future ahead.

 Mr. Yousuf Al Shaiba, Chief of Customer Service Center in Ajman, spoke during his introduction at the training workshop about the high influence leaders leave on others in order to motivate and guide them to the right path of achieving the desired goals. In his speech, Mr. Yousuf explained that the leadership qualities that many possess can be used as a double-edged sword. He added quoting Socrates “possessing an aware mind is not enough, but one needs to put it to good use.”

 Al Nauimi explained that the workshop focused on several focal points, but being a good example is the most significant of all. According to His Excellency, leadership researchers agree that if UAE pursues leadership qualities, it can only find them within its demographic scope. Our wise leadership possess the proactive qualities for leadership in all aspects; be it economic, political, social, religious, or any aspect of life. 

 Al Nauimi clarified that the second point the workshop addressed was the role of the leadership mentality in stimulating innovation and creativity, quoting His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum “the joy of life lies in achieving the unprecedented and the unexpected. I expect an unprecedented innovative achievement from you.” In his speech, he added that the workshop focused on the leadership point as qualities, not a position. “A person could be a prominent leader whatever his executive, supervisory, institutional role may be”, he clarified.

              Last, participants of the summer program “Ajyal” have extended their gratitude to the Municipality & Planning Department in Ajman and its Senior Leadership on giving them the opportunity to be exposed to practical life and granting them the professional experiences necessary to get a grip on real life field work.


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