develops of privatization for the cleaning works project

Ajman Municipality and Planning Department announced the introduction of a system of privatization of cleaning works project in the Emirate of Ajman in the framework of its serious efforts to facilitate matters for the properties' owners. The department cooperated with specialized cleaning companies to carry out cleaning work on a daily basis using the latest mechanisms associated with electronic systems to enable the Department to follow the cases immediately. Moreover, advanced equipment in the field of waste management and recycling will be used.

HE Abdulrahman  Mohammad  Al Nuaimi said that the department works under the direct guidance of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Hamid Al Nuaimi to ensure the customer receives high quality services in a timely manner. He pointed out that the properties' owners category is one of the most important categories of customers which visits the customers' happiness center daily in the department to complete various transactions, so we are keen to provide simplified procedures for owners as the privatization of the cleaning project will enable direct contact with the Municipality without the need to coordinate with the cleaning companies, which saves a lot of time and effort for the client and makes him avoid the trouble of communicating with the cleaning companies to manage its tasks.

HE explained that the first phase of the implementation of the system will be implemented in the Naeemiyah area where the updated system for the privatization of the cleaning business in several areas in the Emirate allows property owners to pay cleaning services fees at the customers' happiness center without having to pay them in cleaning companies. The department ensured direct contact with the concerned cleaning companies to facilitate the matter to the properties' owners and to follow-up cleaning works in the Emirate on a daily basis and ensure that they are completed in accordance with the predefined conditions and standards.

He also pointed out that the private companies that carried out cleaning tasks in several areas in the Emirate were able to carry out daily cleaning services in addition to waste management and control of public health pests using the latest international methods used in this field. Moreover, all containers were sterilized weekly in addition to follow up with the public utilities. He showed also that the Department closely supervised the daily collection of solid waste, green waste, huge waste, hardware, maintenance waste, dumped waste, market waste and industrial waste and transferred all to the waste sorting station or to the landfill in addition to mechanical and manual sweeping processes for streets, sidewalks, parking, middle islands and public squares and open areas and the removal of all dust and waste discarded.

He added that the Ajman Municipality's Planning and Planning Department is proceeding confidently and firmly to achieve the vision of Ajman 2021, which seeks to build a green economy to promote the sustainable development process to conserve natural resources through the use of the latest environmentally friendly technologies in the interest of all individuals and contribute to maintaining their health and public safety. It also seeks to translate the visions of a good government, which adopts the policy of delight and facilitation for the client and make it part of the process and access him wherever he is and to make him avoid many challenges.


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