HH stresses for roads & infrastructure

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi underlines the need to complete the roads and infrastructure projects in Al Helwa area His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi underlined the need to complete the roads and infrastructure projects in Al Helwa area in Ajman to achieve traffic smoothness in these vital roads and to enable individuals to cross those roads easily. This came during an inspection field tour by Highness, accompanied by a delegation of the Engineering Affairs Sector of the Department to monitor the workflow of roads projects in Al Helwa area, which is one of the most important vital areas in the emirate, which witnesses an urban development as well as establishing residential and commercial projects, which requires providing convenient and safe roads for everyone. His Highness stressed that the Department spares no effort to provide decent living and welfare to members of the society, who live in the emirate and targets the attraction of visitors and investors from all over the world to establish their successful projects in an ideal environment, which provides all elements of prosperity. Pointing out that accomplishing those vital projects is the way to achieve this desired objective, which requires the need to speed the completion of these projects to achieve welfare and happiness to residents and citizens of Ajman. His Highness explained that the roads and infrastructure projects in Al Helwa area are part of the integrated system of the Department, which places these important projects on top of its priorities and interests, in line with the vision of the wise leadership in Ajman, which seeks to build a happy and safe society, in which its individuals live in welfare and free of the concerns of life. Indicating that the emirate is taking steady steps to transform Ajman into a tourist event city and an outstanding front, which deserves to be an outstanding role model to different local, federal and international bodies. Eng. Mohammed Abdul Razak Al-Awadi briefed His Highness Chairman of the Department on the completion phases of the roads and infrastructure projects in al Helwa area, demonstrating the completion percent, which reached 15% until this day and the duration needed to fully complete the project. Pointing out that the trained staff and workers of the Department are working around the clock to complete the projects fully, to ensure easing the traffic congestion and to prevent traffic jams, in addition to enable the individuals to reach their works places, homes and different destinations easily and with the least amount of time and effort possible. Al-Awadi explained that the Roads and infrastructure Administration spared no effort in investing human and material resources to accelerate the completion of the projects in Al Helwa area, to make things easier for the residents and to prevent obstructing them from reaching their work places. Pointing out that the Department will work on completing all project that require enhancing, maintenance and establishing, in application of the Engineering Affairs Sector’s plan, which includes all areas of the emirate according to the priority chart and developed plans.


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