Friends of Environment Children workshop

Educational workshop for the environment friends of the children of the Municipality and Planning Department’s employees on preserving and maintaining the environment 

The Public Health and Environment Administration of the Municipality and Planning Department held a training workshop for the children of the employees entitled “Friends of the Environment” on the importance of participating in preserve the environment and maintaining the nature, free of pollution within its educational and health activities for the students during the summer vacation, with the participation of 20 children of different ages. The health workshop aims to spreading awareness and raise the level of environmental responsibility for all members of the society, particularly, the future generations of students, and working on educating them on the importance of preserving the environment, identifying grave dangers that face the emirate’s environment, conducting environmental studies and researches, cooperating with the concerned bodies to enact laws, in order to preserve and protect the environment from all forms of pollution and hazards affecting the nature in the emirate and the means to protect its natural recourses. 

The workshop, held at the Public Health and Environment Administration was attended by the employees of the Public Health and Environment Administration, the workshop included educational lectures, a presentation and practical applications on the methods and means of environment preservation in the emirate. 


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