1,200 Abandoned Vehicles Across the Emirate Since Start of 2018


6 November 2018

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman recorded 1,200 vehicles that were discarded and abandoned in public locations and car parks since the start of 2018 across the Emirate. The number was registered during the Department’s inspection campaigns that aimed to maintain Ajman’s positive image and remove any objects that spoiled the beauty of public spaces in the city. 


In this regard, Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector at the Department, confirmed that the Department was exerting all efforts within its authority to limit the phenomenon of discarded vehicles to maintain a beautiful image of the Emirate. He added that measures were being taken to discourage violations to the laws in force and the clear instructions provided, noting that Ajman residents have become more aware of the dangers of this trend. Violations have decreased this year compared with the previous year when approximately 3,000 vehicles were found abandoned. 

Al Hossani continued to say that the Department was investing in awareness workshops, training programs and widespread education campaigns to warn about the dangers of abandoned cars, especially in industrial areas, public car parks and in front of houses. It was further encouraging owners not to neglect their vehicles and allow them to gather dust and other pollutants to limit such uneducated behavior and avoid pollutants that could endanger people’s health and public safety. 

He then explained that inspection campaigns would continue throughout the year to guarantee the compliance of car owners with the laws and instructions in force that clearly prohibit the abandoning of vehicles in public spaces and car parks without reason, and neglecting their cleaning. He stressed that instructions in this regard were clear and comprehensive and are aimed at preserving the Emirate’s image as a modern tourist destination that attracts residents and visitors from across the globe. 


The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman called on everyone not to leave their cars parked in public spaces for too long or neglect them to avoid harming the Emirate’s image as a civilized place. It emphasized that this negative trend affects everyone in reality since it spoils the city’s aesthetics and provides perfect conditions for crimes to be committed. It also violates the rights of others to benefit from legal parking spaces.  







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