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Generations resume civilization – educational armament

HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Head of Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, affirmed that science is a blessing that God grants to all of us. The more people learn, the more their knowledge frontiers expand, their information increase and to be directed to the right path in this life. The learned educated person is a moderate man who distinguishes between right and wrong, works to spread the rights, benefits others and uses science to help others and guide them for the benefit and good...

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On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day

The Municipality and planning Dept. in cooperation with gas stations and number of retail stores stop selling tobacco to the public for 24 hours Municipality and planning Dept.-Ajman on Wednesday morning announced the prohibition of selling all kinds of tobacco for 24 hours at ADNOC, ENOC and EPPCO gas stations and numbers of retail outlets, on the occasion of the World Day to Combat Smoking, on May 31st of every year....

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Mohamed visits Medical Waste Incinerator

Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi visits the Medical Waste Incinerator in the emirate and inspects the Al Helw Arboretum and urges the importance of environment preservation awareness and increasing the cultivated areas in the emirate...

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M&P Dept Ajman organized Innovation Lab

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman organized the First Innovation Lab to set a strategy for the development of the Department’s services ...

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HH name new area Mohamed bin Zayed City

His Highness Ruler of Ajman directs to name a new residential area in Ajman as the Mohamed bin Zayed City, in recognition for his achievements and to express gratitude for his efforts on all levels...

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Standing Committee for UDIE held meeting

The Standing Committee for the Urban Development of Infrastructure and Environment explores ways to develop security surveillance systems and discusses several important matters...

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M&P Dept organizes blood donation drive

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman organizes, in cooperation with the Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center, a volunteer campaign for blood donation...

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M&P Dept Ajman awarded with ISO9001:2015

Municipality and planning Dept.-Ajman is awarded universal ratification certificate for quality management system with the updated version ISO 9001:2015 as the first Municipality at the state level...

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