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Customer Service Charter

The Charter serves the strategic objective for the sustainability of processes, corporate performance and providing VAT servicesas well as our commitment towards you

  • We will treat you with interest, respect and cheerfulness.
  • You will receive distinct and fair service and fast
  • We will provide our service through a collaborative informed staff that understands your needs and able to respond to your inquiries.
  • We will provide you with each service’s requirements and corresponding completion dates
  • We will respond to your requests in a timely manner and without delay.
  • We will reduce the number of procedures to provide you with quick and easy service.
  • We will provide you with accurate information and procedures for proper service
  • We will provide our high quality service all under one roof, as much as possible
  • We will work to provide our service in a convenient and timely manner
  • We will welcome your comments and suggestions in order to share the development of our services with you
  • We will respond to any comments or complaints about the services provided to customers as soon as possible.

What we ask from you, in order to deliver distinct service

  • Appreciation of our employees’ efforts in serving you and treating them with mutual respect.
  • Providing your identification documents.
  • Preparing your documents required in advance to help complete the process.
  • Informing us with any errors or modifications in the information as soon as possible
  • Let us know of any change in your personal information or conditions related to the completion of service.
  • Respond to customer service team inquiries to help serve you in a timely manner.